Miami-Dade's Premiere Corporate Photographer

Based in the heart of Miami, Gustavo Fernandez is the businessperson’s photographer, specializing in headshot and event photography for the professional community. Growing up in the Dominican Republic with an international businessman for a father, Gustavo spent a majority of his youth moving to new cities, meeting new people and learning about their cultures and values. In the 11th grade, when Gustavo’s family moved to America, he was already fluent in three different languages: English, Spanish, and Italian.

Businesss Experience

After receiving his BA from the University of Kansas, Gustavo joined Johnson & Johnson as a pharmaceutical sales representative. Always hungry to learn, he earned his MBA from Kansas Wesleyan University while employed at J&J. Although his social skills served him well in sales, his interest was in people and in building relationships. This led Gustavo into wedding and portrait photography, for which he left the pharmaceutical industry and did full time for nearly a decade. Over time, as his preferred venues had needs outside of weddings, he was referred for business meetings and events, and that is when he finally felt he had discovered his niche.

Gustavo has since moved exclusively to corporate events and headshots, and works mostly with other businesses who are interested in improving their online identity. His primary focus is on capturing the excitement and energy of your corporate or organizational event, and he specializes in clean and crisp, hassle-free headshots for both small and large businesses in the Miami area and beyond.

The Photography Process

1. Complimentary Phone Consult

When we make first contact, we will discuss all the details of your photography shoot including volume, location, and safety.

2. Your Photo Shoot Day

Experience a professional, high quality, and consistent photoshoots for yourself and all your staff, whether on location or in studio.

3. Same Day Client Viewing

After we finish the shoot, each subject will get a chance to view their photos and we make sure that you will be satisfied with the results.

4. Photography Delivery

After touch-ups, we deliver all relative files and photographs to you directly, with a 3 - 5 business day turnaround time. Same-day and next-day rush orders are available.

Photography experience

Gustavo Fernandez Photography works with clients such as Google, J.P. Morgan, Forbes Media, and NASDAQ. Every year, about a dozen headshots of his are featured in Times Square, on the eight story high NASDAQ MarketSite tower. In addition to appearing on several of the top photography podcasts, he has also spoken at and shared his corporate photography knowledge with crowds of photographers at the largest international photography conference, the annual Wedding & Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) Conference in Las Vegas. He has been recognized as a leading professional in his field, and is trusted by many corporations to capture their events and deliver top-notch headshots.

Giving Back

Outside of work passions, he is actively involved in serving the community through organizations like The Guardsmen and the Make-A-Wish Foundation. He even created a charity called “Hogs for Kids” where he rode his Harley Davidson across the US doing portrait sessions, donating all sitting fees to support at-risk you in the Dominican Republic with Children International.


In his free time, he likes to wine and dine with friends and continue to travel and experience the world. Destinations like the British Virgin Islands, Dubai, Stockholm, Brussels, and Amsterdam are a few places he has visited, and looks forward to seeing where life will send him over the next ten years.


“One of the many exciting things about being a corporate photographer is that it puts me in the best places with the best people.” Gustavo says. “I have had the privilege to photograph and meet a number of amazing people, like Vice President Joe Biden and Bill Gates.” Are you ready to hire Gustavo for your headshots or corporate event? Contact GFP now to schedule your headshot or check availability for your event.

Raves & Reviews

At Gustavo Fernandez Photography, we understand what businesses are looking for in a photographer, and we deliver. Our studio is the best at what we do. But don’t just take our word for it — see what other professionals are saying. 

When was the last time you had professional headshots taken?

Great headshots are absolutely essential as a thriving professional in today’s digital world, and they’re the most important component for making a captivating first impression.


As your photographer, my goal is to make you shine in front of the camera and capture your essence — creating inviting photos that attract your ideal clientele.

A headshot is a photograph of one’s head and shoulders, with the main focus of the image being the face. Photos often feature a solid or neutral background, and can be cropped vertically or horizontally.

  • Corporate Leaders such as CEOs, CFOs, and COOs
  • Lawyers and Law Firm Staff
  • Presidents, VPs, Board Members
  • Investors, Financial Firms, Private Wealth Managers
  • Bankers, Brokers, and Accountants
  • Realtors / Real Estate Agents
  • Small Business Owners
  • Fortune 500 Corporations
  • Human Resources / HR Officers
  • Authors
  • Public Speakers
  • Insurance Agents
  • Marketing Professionals
  • IT Techs
  • Sales Reps
  • Medical Professionals: Doctors, Nurses, and Caretakers
  • Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives
  • Dentists and Hygienists
  • Therapists
  • Performing Artists: Actors, Dancers, Musicians
  • Company Website
  • Social Media
  • Press Releases
  • Business Cards
  • Newsletters
  • Marketing Materials
  • Email Signatures
  • ID Badges

About 80% of our clients choose white, but we also have solid black, for a more formal, dramatic look, as well as several tones of grey. Check out our page on backgrounds for examples.

If you want something more environmental, GFP can also photograph you and your team inside your office, with your workspace as the background, or on location outdoors.

Absolutely! We can set up a portable studio in the conference room or lobby of your office building and get all of your employees photographed in one day.