Miami Social Event Photographer


Social Events are gatherings where socializing and celebration is the main intent, and attendees can enjoy a break from work. It may be a retirement or promotion party, a holiday party, family reunion, or a birthday or anniversary party honoring one of your top executives or long time VIPs.

Birthday Parties

Milestone birthdays — like turning 50, 60, 70… even 100 — are often large celebrations as adults don’t throw themselves a party every year. Friends and family from near and far will reunite to commemorate the occasion, and often it may be one of the few times everyone is in one place together.


You invested a lot of time and effort into organizing your occasion, from the invitations to the entertainment, and the best way to document how it all comes together is through event photography.


Gustavo Fernandez Photography has spent over a decade documenting social events, and is well experienced in translating your soirée into still images that show the excitement and unique moments each gathering has to offer. These moments will be memorialized for generations to come.


GFP looks to photograph the emotional, heartfelt moments that occur when families gather together, or old coworkers unite to send off the newly retired. We will capture the excitement and intensity of a Super Bowl party, or the elegance and grandeur of a 50th Anniversary Black Tie Event. Venue and overview images will accompany details and candids, highlighting the guests and their significant others who have come to celebrate with you.


In addition to event coverage, you can choose to set up a Step and Repeat station, and gift every attendee a print or digital image from the event. This helps assure every guest gets photographed, and with a consistent backdrop relevant to your theme.


Images from your social event can be used online and on social media, and in print, and photography makes an excellent gift for the guest of honor — design an album or create a slideshow of your event images to add to the chronicle of important events in your company’s narrative.


Large or small, formal or informal, inside or outside, GFP is prepared to show off your social event to its fullest potential. Contact us today to get more information.

The Event Photography Process

1. Complimentary Phone Consult

When we make first contact, we will discuss all the details of your photography shoot including volume, location, and safety.

2. Event Preparedness

Prior to the start of the event, we will scope out your selected location and set up in the best location(s) to capture all the action.

3. Working your event

Experience your event while we capture professional, high quality, and dynamic photographs, celebrating your hard work.

4. Photography Delivery

After touch-ups, we deliver all relative files and photographs to you directly, with a 3 - 5 business day turnaround time.

About The Photographer

Gustavo Fernandez specializes in clean and crisp, hassle-free headshots and event photography for both small and large businesses in the South Florida area and beyond.

Gustavo Fernandez Photography works with clients such as Google, J.P. Morgan, Forbes Media, and NASDAQ. Every year, about a dozen photographs of his are featured in Times Square, on the eight story high NASDAQ MarketSite tower.

He has been recognized as a leading professional in his field, and is trusted by many corporations to capture their events and deliver top-notch headshots.

Outside of work passions, he is actively involved in serving the community through organizations like The Guardsmen and the Make-A-Wish Foundation. He even created a charity called “Hogs for Kids” where he rode his Harley Davidson across the US doing portrait sessions, donating all sitting fees to support at-risk you in the Dominican Republic with Children International.

Raves & Reviews

At Gustavo Fernandez Photography, we understand what businesses are looking for in a photographer, and we deliver. Our studio is the best at what we do. But don’t just take our word for it — see what other professionals are saying. 

The Benefits of Professional Event Photography

Consistent and Matching Event Images

Gustavo Fernandez Photography knows that when photographing events, consistency is key. The subjects and the space they inhabit will have your specific look and lighting even in dynamically changing enviroments, every single time. Each photograph will not only look great on its own, but will be part of a cohesive set of images with the same specifications, all tailored to match your brand.

Elevate Your Brand

Photography is an important marketing tool, and just as headshots are becoming just as important as a website or business card, photographs of your company-wide events are becoming increasingly necessary as PR tools, especially if your business has an online presence. Invest in your image and elevate your brand perception with quality event phorotraphy.

Professionalism And Communication

We understand what companies are looking for – you need a photographer who is professional, personable, responsive, and competent. The process should be seamless and stress-free from photo shoot to delivery, with a quick turnaround. You won’t need to hand-hold; once we have a mutual understanding of what you want, we will deliver, every time.